special menu


A carefully composed symphony of flavors

Our menu is based on the simplicity of seasonal, winter ingredients, their beauty, strength of taste, with maximum use of local ingredients

David Šašek, executive Chef

Symphony of Tastes in Lesser Town

In music, CODA means a special, separate part of the composition played only once at the very end.  Our idea of CODA means an extraordinary fine dining experience, set in the unique interiors of Aria Hotel Prague, in the heart of Lesser Town.

Interiors were designed by Italian architects Rocco Magnoli and Lorenzo Carmellini.  You will find here many original paintings, sculptures, and statues created by world-famous artists. 

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Special 4-course menu with wine pairing.


Amazing gift to make any foodie super happy!
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The event is for a limited time only:

From 15th January till  July 31st, 2020



Marinated Slices of 

Deer Leg

Pickled Cranberries&Roasted Apples Relish, Raspberry Powder

Pairing with the Wine Cuvée 2014, Pinot Blanc, Sylvánské zelené, Gewurztraminer, Ryzlink Rýnský

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